Challenge yourself in 30 days


All great achievers in the world were really good at challenging themselves. They always pushed their limits and went beyond what anybody thought possible. They were masters of the art of competing with themselves.

The 30-day challenge yourself project (CYP) is all about pushing your limits. By completing this project, you would have totally changed the way you see yourself. It is an experiment in personal growth and development.


The 30-day challenge yourself project is a 30-day challenge you take on. On each day, you push yourself to do something beyond your usual comfort zone. It could be rising an hour earlier, working out 30 minutes more, working proactively to complete a project ahead of time, doing yard work you otherwise dislike, meeting new people... It is up
to you to decide what to do on each day. The only condition is that we should push ourselves at least once each day. If you have any major goal, this could be the 30 days where you go miles in achieving it. You could set reasonable yet challenging targets for each day, more than you usually do, and keep winning.


Challenge is the fuel to personal growth. If we do not challenge ourselves, we will never reach our true potential. When we need to get out of a rut, we need to grow. Our personal development depends on our willingness to shake out of our routine and push our limits. The CYP can give you an incentive to do just that. Once you complete this challenge, you would be amazed at how much you can do, if only you would go for it. This exercise helps to break your limiting beliefs, and set your standards higher. You would be more growth-oriented, focused and driven than ever before.


The first step in this project is commitment. Commit yourself to completing the challenge, no matter what. Once you begin this, do not let yourself slump after a day or two - stick at it until it becomes a habit. Secondly, get a challenge journal or blog. On each day of the challenge, write down your target and your achievement. If a challenge
couldn't be met on the first go, don't worry. Attempting something beyond your perceived limits is a great step in itself and you deserve applause. If you ever feel like repeating a challenge, by all means do so. It is not mandatory to do different challenges each day. Just remember to raise the bar as a previous challenge becomes well within the comfort zone. If you cannot find the momentum to take on new challenges each day for 30 days, doing one challenge in a week for 52 weeks (1 year) or 26 weeks (6 months) is a good target too.

Please remember to write in with your experiences of the 30-day CYP!

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