7 ways to empower ourselves and increase our sense of self-worth


Often, we tend to feel victimized by others, by our circumstances or by our childhood. But the truth is, we can always break free of the debilitating thought pattern and empower ourselves. We can take proactive steps which help to make us feel more in control of our destiny. Often, simple steps can help to truly increase our self-esteem and revolutionize our outlook of life. When we are empowered, we are no longer insecure or defensive - we take charge of life and get the most out of it. Here, let me share 7 ways to help us shift our thinking from the insecure, victim mode to empowered contributor mode.

1. Breathing exercises

When we are insecure, we often tend to breathe fast. Learning breathing exercises can help a lot in calming us down. We often find that when we take the time to draw deep breaths, we feel more in control. We can practice them so well, that deep breathing comes naturally to us and act as a shield when we are tense and insecure.

2. Meditation

So many people have immensely benefited from meditation. When we carve time out exclusively for ourselves and meditate, we are in fact replenishing our soul. It helps us to have more clarity of vision, and helps us put things in perspective. It helps to bring out our natural state of peacefulness. Once we master that art, we can see a marked improvement in our emotional mastery.

3. Grooming

Proper grooming can make us feel confident. Power dressing techniques can be effectively used to make ourselves feel better instantly. Exercising and getting in shape also can add a good deal to our confidence level. When we feel we are presentable in appearance, it acts as a drug to boost our belief in ourselves.

4. Anchoring

Anchoring is a very popular NLP technique that can really help bring our emotions under control. We can program ourselves to get in control instantly, at the tap of a finger or a gentle slap in the wrist. You can learn more about this technique here.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering for charity work is often found to be a miracle cure for feelings of inferiority and incompetence. When we help others who are less fortunate than we are, we not only find ourselves to be grateful, but also see things from an altogether different perspective. By volunteering, we can really help ourselves while we help others.

6. Talents

We all have our talents. There are some things that we do better than everyone else, at least most others. Identifying our unique talents and using them well can help make us feel useful and productive. Engaging in activities that make use of our special abilities helps to empower ourselves. Even the most insecure person can get a sense of self-worth from such activities.

7. Creativity

Creating something new is an incredible way to feel empowered. It may be a work of art, or a piece of fiction, or a handicraft item or even a new idea. When we create, we are truly masters. We unleash the most sacred power within us during creation. Ask any musician or poet or artist or sculptor, and s/he will tell you that s/he feels best while engaged in her art.

These tactics can fuel our sense of worth and self-esteem. When we get out of the victim mode of thinking, we enter the powerful state of mastery which is our natural state of being. The seven steps outlined above can really contribute to that paradigm shift. Good luck!

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